About Us
Divine Adventure Ministries began with Sean Patrick Malloy's music ministry and expanded when Karli & Sean Malloy felt the Lord calling them to a ministry, a "divine adventure," as a couple. Karli & Sean believe in the importance of relying on God's grace, mercy and provision and are constantly striving to follow after His will.

Sean has been working in youth ministry for over a decade. He enjoys helping the youth of the Church find a relationship with their Lord and Savior. He met Karli through their home parish where their pastor "set them up." Their first project together (before they even became a couple) was helping to build the youth ministry program at their parish. Together they have grown in their passion for serving The Church. 

Sean & Karli have been married for 7 years. They have 2 daughters, Eliannah, who is 2 years old, and Hadassah, who was born in July 2017. They also have 3 dogs and 2 cats!